Business portal development

Accelerate your
business processes

Need to automate manual processes, streamline reporting, or manage enterprise data? Our 80-strong team of business portal development experts designs solutions that:

  • achieve business tasks at the speed of digital
  • connect any number of processes, applications, or data
  • are cost-effective, scalable, compliant, and secure

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Enterprise portal development services

Driving better business

We specialise in developing feature-rich and intuitive portals that help you complete business tasks faster and more efficiently. While prioritising value for money, we work to understand your business requirements and deliver a fully custom solution.

Consolidate systems

Tired of switching between multiple applications? Roll those tasks into a custom portal with only one sign-on required.

Gain valuable insights

Go further than standard BI software. Get a dashboard that’s tailored to your users, your data, and your objectives.

Leverage trusted data

Overcome the problems of data duplication and corruption. Create trust through a custom data management portal.

Improve communication

Collaborate quickly and securely with instant messaging, email, document search, and customer service tools.

Eliminate manual error

Cut the time spent keying in information and fixing manual mistakes. Automate repetitive tasks to make every hour count.

Standardise interactions

Create automated ways of sending and processing forms for authorisation, reimbursement, and enrolment.

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Business portal solutions

Our portal offerings

From energy dashboards to data cleansing, from registration solutions to climate reporting, our developers solve all kinds of business challenges. Overall, our business portal development services cover three domains: data visualisation, data management, and process automation.

Custom reporting solutions

Act on your data

Whether it’s for reporting, performance tracking, big data, or analytics, our business portal development specialists will design a solution. We design custom reporting solutions with usability, performance, and flexibility at the forefront.

Looking for a custom reporting solution? Get in touch with our business portal development team.

Data visualisation portal features

  • real-time visualisations, synced across devices
  • cloud-based dashboards for high scalability
  • integration with cloud or on-premise data
  • role-based access and functionality
  • intuitive design for better understanding

Data visualisation portal benefits

  • measure progress towards your business objectives
  • identify areas where improvement is needed
  • get insights into the best business decisions to take
  • gain an advantage by predicting future trends 
  • base your strategy on clear facts and figures

Master data management solutions

Refine business data

Is your business struggling with the risks of insecure and disorganised data? We provide bespoke master data management solutions that ensure best value by meeting your exact business needs.

Looking for a custom MDM solution? Get advice from our business portal development team.

MDM portal features

  • automated data deduplication (matching and linking)
  • implementation of custom business rules for data
  • location-specific data management processes
  • security-based policies and rules for data access
  • extract, transform, and load (ETL) data integration

MDM portal benefits

  • eliminating manual clean-up of duplicate data
  • automating compliance with GDPR legislation
  • ensuring availability of accurate and timely data
  • compiling trusted data before cloud migration
  • reducing the chance of data security breaches

Process automation solutions

Streamline workflows

Tired of scanning documents, entering data manually, and reading handwritten forms? Our business portal development team excels at building solutions to automate repetitive tasks and save your time and money.

Looking for a custom workflow automation solution? Contact our business portal development team to learn more.

Process automation solutions features

  • form submission, receipt, and data processing
  • instant communication, external and internal
  • secure document search and collaboration
  • automated data exchange with business partners
  • storage of business data for real-time reporting

Process automation solutions benefits

  • improve customer service response times
  • notify staff only when action is required
  • eliminate the risks of manual data entry
  • set up custom reminders and calendars
  • boost employee satisfaction and retention

Business portal development services

End-to-end portal expertise

Having specialised in business portal development for 30 years, we’re equipped to support any stage of your journey. From initial consultation through to maintenance, brand-new designs to bug fixes, we’ve got you covered.

Development and customisation

Features and options within our enterprise portal development services include:

  • greenfield projects: planning, design, and development
  • extension and customisation of existing portal software
  • technologies: .NET, Java, PHP, SharePoint, and Microsoft Azure
  • team augmentation or a full team with project management
  • agile development to accelerate our work for best value
  • competitive day rates across languages and technologies
  • a high ratio of senior to junior developers for superb quality

Business portal consultancy

Whether you need help determining your requirements, identifying a solution, or solving a technical problem, our consultants will assist. Each of our consultants has decades of experience across multiple industries and technologies.

Portal maintenance and support

Keep your business-critical portal running smoothly with a tailored and cost-effective support agreement. Options include:

  • ITIL-compliant help desk
  • Server provisioning
  • Root cause analysis
  • Legacy project recovery
  • Database administration
  • Health check reviews

Business portal project rescue

If you’re stuck with an outdated, flawed, or unfinished portal, our project rescue team will get you back on track. From health checks and audits to total rebuilds, we provide the functionality, speed, and performance you need.

Portal migration and upgrade

One of our specialisms is migrating portals to the cloud for reduced cost of ownership and improved performance.

Or if your portal is suffering due to an outdated platform or language, we will solve your maintenance and security issues with a swift upgrade.

Looking for something else? This isn’t an exhaustive list of our portal development services.

Business portal development projects

Our bespoke portal stories

The proof of our portal development expertise is the results that we hear after each project. Feel free to browse our recent case studies below.

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Frequently asked questions

Answers from portal development experts

These are a few of the queries we often receive about business portal development. If you have any other questions, or simply want to know more about our enterprise portal development services, please get in touch.

What credentials do you have as business portal developers?

From Kent County Council to Pret a Manger, NewDay to John Lewis, our developers serve well-known names across the UK and abroad. The reason these clients choose us is our 30-year track record of high-value solutions.

What technologies do you use for business portal development?

Our development team’s core skill set includes .NET, Java, PHP, SharePoint, and Microsoft Azure. These technologies are ideal for fast development of secure, cost-effective, and high-performing portal solutions.

Depending on each client’s requirements, we can develop software for use in the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid of both.

If there is an integration requirement, we typically use an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) such as Azure Integration Services or Dell Boomi Atomsphere.

What are the advantages of having a bespoke portal developed?

A portal is a reflection of your business processes. If there is a mismatch between your processes and the software, your staff will struggle and the portal will lose effectiveness.

A bespoke portal, on the other hand, is built precisely to your requirements. The first step in our enterprise portal development services is to understand your concerns, including:

  • software performance
  • ease of use for staff
  • personalised branding
  • task-specific functionality
  • industry-specific terminology
  • integration with other systems
  • single sign-on capability
  • user roles and permissions
  • data security and compliance
  • portal cost of ownership

By answering all of these issues (and more) perfectly, a bespoke portal brings the maximum value for your business.